TERATON ALPHA is AK's ultimate Sound Solution to produce audio playback that is close to the original sound through the use of effective power noise removal, efficient power consumption and amplification without compromise through the audio output interface.

What makes Astell&Kern sound different?

Many people have similar ideas about sound. They assume "it is the DAC that determines the sound in the DAP, and in the end, if you use the same DAC, the sound will be similar for each product."

The DAC does play a large part of the sound signature in a DAP, but it's not the only factor that determines the level of sound.

TERATON (teratone), was born based on the technology developed by Astell&Kern. It is a compound word comprising of Tera, which means 10 trillion + Tone, which represents the device and vast A+ tone of Astell&Kern.

DAPs can be largely divided into three areas: power, amplifier and interface.

Audio Power Part

The starting point of Astell&Kern's perfect sound delivery is the audio technology that most effectively removes power noise and converts the signal, which is essential to the power of the audio.

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Amplifier Part

The reason why the same DAC produces different sound signatures is because of differences in AMP design. Astell&Kern's advanced AMP technology features efficient power consumption and powerful amplification that produces the best audio performance without compromise.

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Audio Interface Part

The audio interface that converts digital signals to analog and outputs them is composed of technology developed by Astell&Kern and perfected over the years. The result is perfect sound, without noise.

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TERATON ALPHA features Astell&Kern's patented technologies, which are the result of tens of thousands of hours of continuous research and development to produce sound close to the original sound the artist and producer intended.