Astell&Kern Hi-Fi Stereo AUX Cable

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Astell&Kern Hi-Fi Stereo AUX Cable


Astell&Kern’s attractive auxiliary cable will change your perception of AUX cables.

- Easy connection to various audio devices such as automotive head units, 
smartphones, gaming devices, TVs, and other audio products.
- Hybrid pure silver and copper cable for hi-fi sound.
- Gold-plated aluminium connector heads for minimal signal loss and noise.
- Optimal cable length.

Connect to any number of products featuring 3.5-mm output to enjoy music at a higher level.

4N pure silver and 7N OCC copper hybrid cable

Audio signals are delivered efficiently and faithfully via two 4N sterling silver cores and two oxide-free 7N OCC copper cores customarily used in high-end hi-fi cables. Audio is transmitted losslessly, covering the full range from the lows to the highs.

The gold-plated aluminium connectors are a perfect fit for the Astell&Kern brand.